Monday, June 18, 2007

Republicans For Beshear Is A Result Of McConnell's Efforts To Split The Party

The Courier-Journal has a story today on some ridiculous group called Republicans for Beshear. None of these crazy efforts would have happened if it wasn't for Benedict McConnell and his fellow Louisville liberals Anne Northup and Ted Jackson's efforts to split the Republican Party. Larry Forgy has always said that his final decision on whether to challenge Mitch McConnell in 2008 will be made after seeing McConnell's efforts on behalf of Governor Fletcher. Well, has anyone seen McConnell lift a finger for the Governor since the "Unity Rally?" The entire event was designed to help his own 2008 campaign and undermine Governor Fletcher's, with Northup and Jackson hiding in Louisville. Its time for Mitch McConnell to step up to the plate for Governor Fletcher or start planning his concession speech to Larry Forgy!

A mysterious group (or person) calling itself republicans4beshear showed up a couple of weeks ago on local political blogs, soliciting Republicans to join its ranks.

But other than a quick introductory note -- asking "those GOPers interested, please contact" -- the group has remained low-key, if not inactive.