Monday, May 21, 2007

Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Patrick Crowley Features Draft Forgy

Patrick Crowley featured Draft Forgy today, after several Conservative Kentucky blogs joined the efforts to draft Larry Forgy into the 2008 GOP Senate primary to take on Mitch McConnell:
A Web site has been set up to try and draft Lexington Republican Larry Forgy to take on KY U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell next year. Would he have a chance?

If you need further evidence just look at some of these earlier posts from Northern Kentucky Republicans that are none too happy that the Louisville liberals Anne Northup and Mitch McConnell are pretending to be true Conservatives after backstabbing Governor Fletcher:

Angry Republican wrote:

Mitch has been trying to control the state party from Louisville. All of the treacherous players in the attempted coup are from Louisville -- McConnell, Pence, Northup, idiot Ted Jackson, etc., etc. Next year we will dump him just as the voters of South Dakota dumped "powerful" Tom Daschle, the Dem majority leader, in 2006. Bye, bye, Mitch, you scheming liar!

Disgusted said:

Trey Grayson was one of the gullible, but overly ambitious
"possible candidates" contacted by Mitch. He was ready to stab Ernie in the back, as McConnell's errand boy, but eventually backed down. He failed the character test with some of us and we will remember his treachery also as we start rebuilding the party. Honesty is the best policy, Mitch.

Anonymous said:
He did not stay out 4 yrs ago. He is the one that gave us Fletcher when Steve Nunn was clearly the better choice. Does anyone remember McConnell's hand picked Lt Gov Hunter Bates??? Hell Bates was not even a resident of KY and McConnell pushed him down our throats
Anonymous said...

As a republican, I can't wait to vote against McConnell. Maybe Fletcher can be convinced to oppose him in a primary. Regardless of the merits, it would be great to see McConnell have to play this game. What a fool.