Monday, May 21, 2007

Washington Post Notes Mitch McConnell's Undermining of the KY Republican Party

Even the liberal national media is paying attention to the Kentucky Republican primary tomorrow. Possibly because of the implications on Mitch McConnell's reelection hopes after he backstabbed Governor Fletcher by propping up Anne Northup only to be embarrassed:
Northup, feeling bruised by her final House campaign and grief-stricken by the death of one of her six children from a heart ailment, was not looking for another race. But leaders of the party, widely believed to include McConnell, urged her to challenge Fletcher, foreseeing an entirely winnable contest...

"If Ernie happens to be our nominee, the Democrats are going to defeat him in the fall," predicted Casey County Republican Chairman Jeffrey Buis. "And we can't afford to have McConnell beaten to death for a year. They would target McConnell and say, 'An indicted governor. No more of this.' "
Governor Fletcher will be our nominee. And when the liberal media and the Democrats start beating on McConnell, he has nobody to blame but himself. We need a Senate nominee without baggage. We need a true conservative, Larry Forgy.