Saturday, May 19, 2007

Governor Ernie Fletcher's Former Communications Director Discusses The Damage of the Tuesday's Primary To Mitch McConnell

Everyone in Kentucky knows Mitch McConnell will take a serious beating on Tuesday. The question is, how bad will it be. His favored choice, Anne Northup will lose to Ernie Fletcher and McConnell's party support will be paper thin. Can he possibly garner enough support outside Louisville to fend off a primary challenge to Larry Forgy?

The indictments did encourage Fletcher's GOP enemies, including U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, who already had been shopping around for a primary opponent. McConnell's lieutenants finally talked Anne Northup into jumping in against Fletcher...

The architect of Republican Party politics, U.S. Senate Mitch McConnell, has had little to say about the race. Initially, many thought him to favor Northup. Upon her entry, he called her candidacy "formidable." His silence now is deafening. I can't imagine this is what he had in mind.