Sunday, May 27, 2007

More Rumblings About 2008

Reports have been circulating for some time that Larry Forgy is not the only Republican considering challenging Mitch McConnell for the nomination in 2008. Former Rep. Steve Nunn has widely been mentioned, and is well known as a 'moderate who has clashed with McConnell in the past. While the more conservative Forgy is clearly the better choice, Nunn would be an interesting candidate, given Mitch McConnell's instrumental role in building a primary challenge to defeat Nunn last year, in retaliation of Nunn's run for governor against McConnell's then-top choice Ernie Fletcher. The Nunn-faction of the Republican Party is apparently infuriated that McConnell ordered Larry Hopkins to invoke the Governor's name in an attack on Larry Forgy:
The party "had been so divided by Louie Nunn (a former governor who backed Forgy) and Larry Forgy, it was just impossible to put back together," Hopkins said.
Remember that Mitch McConnell gave Governor Nunn his word that he would stay neutral during Steve Nunn's race and then backed Ernie Fletcher:
Nunn said McConnell had told him he would remain neutral in the GOP primary, but Fletcher's selection of Bates "gives the appearance that McConnell is right in the middle of all this, and it's contrary to what he has said at least twice to me."
Another extremely intriguing possibility is also on the horizon in the case Forgy does not run, although the National Journal reported this week that Larry Forgy is clearly leaning towards challenging McConnell. Lt. Gov. nominee Robbie Rudolph, who like Forgy can self-finance a campaign, is said to be considering a challenge to McConnell if Fletcher/Rudolph are elected in November. In the unlikely event that millions of California residents flock to the state to thank McConnell for his amnesty bill and Beshear wins, Rudolph will likely step aside for Governor Fletcher to challenge McConnell if Forgy does not run.

Western Kentucky Republicans are also floating rumors that Billy Harper is planning a Senate run even though Harper said in the past this would be his only race. While Harper is a true conservative, let one thing be clear: Larry Forgy will not step aside for someone who undermined our Governor and has not paid his dues.
"It seems like kind of a jump from zero to 100 percent involvement in politics," said Larry Forgy, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate and a Fletcher supporter. "I don't understand him. He doesn't seem to be one of these millionaire egomaniacs."