Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Its Time For Larry Forgy To Enter The Race

Flashback (April 21, 2007): Larry Forgy Announces He'll Consider Challenging Mitch McConnell If McConnell Does Not Deliver For Governor Fletcher
Forgy even hinted that he and some other key Republicans might not answer the bell for McConnell next year, when the state’s senior senator is up for re-election...

Forgy wouldn’t speculate on the show about whether McConnell could face a Republican primary in May 2008. But he said afterword that about the only thing that could drag him back into elective politics is if he perceives McConnell and his close supporters are not enthusiastic for the GOP gubernatorial ticket this fall. It was not a threat… but it expressed the intensity of his feelings.
Today Mark Hebert Reports:
Anne Northup said early in the campaign that she would support the republican nominee for governor. She's not saying that now, refusing to directly answer the question.
Courier-Journal reports:
After her speech, she declined to tell reporters what support she'd give Fletcher, saying "it's his night" to celebrate and prepare to make his case to the voters. She declined to answer when asked if she'd attend an upcoming Republican unity event.
And for Mitch McConnell: Somewhere Off In DC Not To Be Found

The Kentucky Republican Party needs a Senate nominee who can win in 2008, and that is the Conservative who was the person that truly rebuilt the party: Larry Forgy.