Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fletcher Set To Pick Forgy-Ally Steve Robertson As GOP Chairman

Great news for Kentucky Conservatives! Reports are that Governor Fletcher will appoint Steve Robertson, a close advisor to Forgy, as the new Republican Party chairman, allowing Larry Forgy to further the groundwork for a primary run against Mitch McConnell. Robertson is a stellar operative who was also a key strategist on Alice Forgy Kerr's Congressional race. The Lexington Herald Leader reported earlier in the week:
One possibility, Steve Robertson, now heads up the Governor's Office of Local Development. Robertson worked closely with former party chairman Ellen Williams and led a voter targeting effort for state Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr's campaign for Congress in 2004.
Update: Remember to keep in mind the last few weeks of Alice Forgy Kerr's special election campaign when McConnell and the Louisville liberals try and put a spin the Robertson news that it is somehow not a blow to McConnell. You will be hard-pressed to find a Lexington-area Conservative that will constradict the longstanding stories that McConnell actively pulled the rug out from under Robertson and Forgy Kerr in the closing weeks when he believed she would fall short, because McConnell wanted to protect some of his favored local candidates. Once again, Mitch McConnell undermining the Kentucky Republican Party.