Sunday, May 20, 2007

Who is worse: Mitch McConnell or Greg Stumbo?

I was just remined about an op-ed written by Jessamine County Attorney Brian Goettl almost a year ago ,which essentially questioned whether Mitch McConnell would cause more damage to the Kentucky Republican Party than Greg Stumbo? I think the answer will be crystal clear on Tuesday when Mitch is noticeably absent from our victory rally!
Because some non-politicos are appalled at what they view as “fair weather friends”, who were there for Fletcher's good times and no where to be found during the bad times. Republicans may have done just as much damage in the public’s eye abandoning Fletcher on the field of battle as any perceived harm done by Fletcher.

I say this because I am hearing these views. That some, now feel sorry for the Governor, and are disgusted with Republicans. So, could we get a few more Larry Forgy’s and a few less Jack Richardson’s? Would that be to much to ask?