Sunday, May 20, 2007

More Conservative Blogs Join Call For Larry Forgy To Challenge Mitch McConnell

There is little doubt that Mitch McConnell's support among Kentucky's conservatives is quickly eroding. Today, Kentucky Progress published a post titled "A Primary Opponent For Mitch McConnell In 2008?" and noted, "Voters are angry enough about politicians playing power games rather than staying focused on improving government." Commentators also specualated that multi-millionaire Paducah businessman Billy Harper will also challenge Mitch McConnell if he loses the Republican primary for Governor on Tuesday. Harper is a true conservative, unlike Louisville's Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup, but many activists question the way he abandoned supporting Governor Fletcher. However, one conservative couple that supporter Harper posted, "Our bumper sticker reads: Anyone But Mitch !!" Conservative Edge, fresh off being featured today in the Courier-Journal, also linked to the Kentucky Progress post.

Update: The Senate 2008 Guru also posted on the Draft Forgy efforts, noting:

There is apparently an effort underway to draft 1995 KY-GOP gubernatorial nominee Larry Forgy to run in a Senate primary against Mitch McConnell. Could just be a flash in the pan, but something to keep an eye on.