Thursday, May 24, 2007

Governor Fletcher Considers Cancelling Mitch McConnell's Unity Rally After McConnell Supporter Refuse To Rally Around Governor

It appears there will be no "unity rally" after all, at least for a few weeks as Larry Forgy continues to ponder a primary challenge to the increasingly weakened Mitch McConnell. Forgy already warned McConnell and his Louisville liberals that he may have to run if they do not rally around Ernie Fletcher, but apparently Mitch McConnell is not listening:

Fletcher needs to reach out to Republicans, particularly in Louisville, in a way that he hasn't during his first 31/2 years in office, Richardson said.

"This is his problem, not ours," he said. "He's not followed up on any of the wise suggestions that have been made in the past. So he's going to have to figure that out on his own."...

Fletcher campaign manager Marty Ryall said yesterday that the governor will attend, although there is some chance the rally might be postponed to avoid Memorial Day weekend. Northup declined to be interviewed yesterday and has not said whether she intends to attend. Paducah businessman Billy Harper, who finished third in the GOP primary, has said previously that he will be out of the country on Saturday.