Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mitch McConnell Launches Attacks On Larry Forgy At "Unity Rally" After Republicans Line Up Behind Forgy Challenge

Mitch McConnell scheduled this unity rally when he thought Anne Northup would be the nominee and even paid for the invitations with his own campaign funds. But yesterday, he ordered former Forgy opponent Larry Hopkins to launch the initial blows on Forgy and then McConnell came in himself. The Courier-Journal reports:
And Hopkins said Forgy's ongoing attacks on McConnell may further divide the party and make it more difficult for Fletcher to heal the rift...

McConnell refused to say who he voted for in the primary and added, "I don't have anything to say about Larry Forgy."

Nice try. Larry Forgy has been preaching the need for Republicans to stay unified for over a year, while Mitch McConnell has been backstabbing Governor Fletcher with his puppet Anne Northup, and his team of Louisville liberals that now admit McConnell's support is quickly eroding even among his base of Louisville Republicans:
"People overestimate any one person's ability to mobilize voters," said (Ted) Jackson, who went fishing rather than attend the unity rally. "Senator McConnell is not the solution to Ernie Fletcher's problem in Jefferson County."
It appears the McConnell puppets in Louisville are already trying to cover their base, because they know they are either unwilling or possibly unable to fix the damage they have done to Governor Fletcher in the area. Thankfully, we have Larry Forgy to remind us of what unity is really about and why we need a strong conservative nominee in 2008:

Forgy has said McConnell was responsible for getting Northup into the race against Fletcher -- a claim both McConnell and Northup dispute -- and he said McConnell's re-election in 2008 may depend on it.

"It's not (Ernie Fletcher's) problem. It's Mitch's," Forgy said. "I can guarantee you right now, if the Republican voters of Jefferson County don't turn out for Ernie Fletcher, the voters in the rest of the state who support Fletcher are going to be watching."

Update: When McConnell scheduled the rally over a month ago (thinking it would be for Northup) several supporters of his opponents questioned McConnell's use of federal campaign contributions to pay for a rally to support a statewide candidate. Remember that the maximum contribution for statewide office is $1,000 as opposed to $2,300 for federal office. While I'm sure we will be reading more reports in the near future on the issue, many view McConnell's attacks on Forgy as a way to justify the use of federal funds, after he realized the potential violation. Mitch may have just escaped one here, but come primary election day, he better be scheduling another unity rally to support our 2008 nominee, Larry Forgy.