Saturday, May 19, 2007

Club for Growth Starts Kentucky Chapter and Launches Attacks on McConnell/Nothup

The Club for Growth waged an admirably strong primary challenge to liberal Senator Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, when it backed Cranston Mayor Laffey. Now the Club for Growth is on the Kentucky scene and poised to go after Mitch McConnell and Anne Northup, who (in the words of Mike Huckabee) spend our government funds faster than John Edwards in a beauty salon:
We continue to hear candidate Northup state the position that she is a fiscal conservative and that things would change if she is elected. That is candidate Northup. But Rep. Northup was anything but a fiscal conservative during her stint in Washington:

National Club for Growth political director Andy Roth made a great point to me last week regarding the RSC alternative budget. He said, "A person may say they are a fiscal conservative, but if they don’t vote for the RSC budget, then their rhetoric is empty."

Do Kentucky Club for Growth members need to know anything else?