Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Message To Daily Kos And The Nutroots: Don't Get Too Excited

The nutroots is jumping for joy at the Fletcher/Forgy defeat over McConnell/Northup today, but I can assure you this will be short-lived:

In fact, McConnell's apparent inability to oust a blatantly corrupt and unpopular governor in a primary with a supposedly popular and relatively clean former Congresswoman has already spurred some anti-McConnell maneuverings, with efforts to draft Fletcher ally and former State Supreme Court Justice Larry Forgy into a primary battle against McConnell next year.

McConnell's "machine" may still pull off an upset today, so nothing is determined yet. But the recriminations and infighting between the KY GOP's Fletcher and McConnell factions may prove not just entertaining, but also a boon for the state's Democratic Party.

Governor Fletcher has trounced the Louisville liberals and is about to take a commanding lead over the Democrats in the general election. And for McConnell, Kentucky is about to replace the Louisville liberal and his baggage with a true conservative who is well-loved in Kentucky, knows how to fix health care and bring jobs to the Commonwealth, and was the best performing Republican governor nominee in Kentucky in over 20 years: Larry Forgy.