Sunday, May 20, 2007

Reminder: Larry Forgy Warned Mitch McConnell Not To Undermine The Kentucky Republican Party In February

When Mitch McConnell is off crying over Anne Northup's loss on Tuesday night, remember that it was Larry Forgy who encouraged the party to stay united behind Governor Ernie Fletcher way back at the Franklin County Lincoln Day Dinner:
However, all three Franklin County Republicans agreed Larry Forgy, the keynote speaker, gave the most entertaining speech of the night. Forgy is a Frankfort lawyer who supports the Fletcher administration. He attacked each Democratic gubernatorial candidate in turn, citing scandals and corruption.

"This state has not been full of fairness and good government," Forgy said. "This state has been characterized by 32 years of corrupt Democratic control."

His anecdotes elicited responses of "amen" several times from the audience, and one listener compared his speech to a sermon. However, Forgy also spoke strongly in support of Fletcher, saying he would win the primary "handily." He urged the party to heal its wounds after the primary and said malcontents will be unwelcome.

"People who dont come on board will be remembered in 2008," Forgy said.