Sunday, May 20, 2007

Conservative Edge Features Draft Forgy

The most highly trafficked conservative blog in the state featured Draft Forgy today with a post from Brian Goettl, the Jessamine County Attorney and a great conservative activist:
A website has been developed to try and draft Larry Forgy to challenge Mitch McConnell in a Republican primary for Senate next year. The site even includes an editorial that I wrote some time ago. Check out the website here. David Adams at Kentucky Progress has more here.
Another post on Kentucky Progress caught my attention today and I feel it needs to be addressed:
And do you not think that Republicans have tried to destroy Fletcher? Grayson's trial balloon at Fancy Farm? (That little episode cost him my vote from now to eternity). Pence's disloyalty? McConnell's failure to defend the man he supported and was supposedly his friend?

Fletcher admitted that there was evidence of wrongdoing in his administration. He took care of that by firing the people who did the wrong things.

Quite honestly, if Fletcher loses Tuesday, i will forever be ashamed of the Republican Party of Kentucky. And I would be tempted to change my registration to Conservative or Libertarian, if we had such parties in this state.
For too long, Mitch McConnell has made threats to Republican activists across the Commonwealth, but this is no reason to leave the party. There is another choice. Send Mitch McConnell back home to Louisville and replace him with a true conservative nominee, Larry Forgy.