Sunday, May 20, 2007

Republican Activists Comment On Mitch McConnell's Lie On Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Patrick Crowley's Blog

Several comments on Crowley's blog were particularly insightful. Lets hope they change the name of the party headquarters come Wednesday because one thing is certain: Mitch McConnell has lost control of the Kentucky Republican Party. One of Crowley's readers writes:
Simply put, McConnell is a liar. He has earned himself an opponent for his political treachery. He will be beaten in the next election due to his over-reaching arrogance.
Another commentator notes the extent of McConnell's backing of Anne Northup:
McConnell is a liar. Party insiders all know he was very active in the polling, the recruitment efforts, etc., leading up to the Northup announcements. When he saw how strong Fletcher is and with the leading office holders throughout the state all backing Ernie, he went into hiding and claimed to be neutral. Nonsense. He saw his 2008 campaign going into the tank. Bunning also misjudged, but stuck with his promise to Mitch to back another candidate who turned out to be Northup. Very dumb, but honest. The harm has already been done but slippery Mitch is now posing as the "peace maker" who wants to unite the party next Saturday. He has lost my support. He is too slick for his own good -- a liar!
Someone else remembers similar actions:

Try to get a comment out of Larry Cox, the in state mouth piece of Mitch. He made the telephone calls early in December dictating that the Senator wanted his supporters to not make any commitments as he was recruting another candidate for Governor. Something about not being able to control the current Governor.